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New Trash Company
Ravensway Lake now has a new trash company - WCA of Texas.

Water shut off due to construction  The water district will turn off the water in our subdivision on Thursday, June 19, 2014 due to new building construction. They have to move the main line. They did not give a time frame as to how long and when it will be turn on.  

Ravensway Pool  
Homeowners at Ravensway Lake can use the pool at Ravensway.  Please contact Lynne Boehm at 281-469-5891 to get a pool key.  The cost is $150.00.

Gator Contact
Chris Stephens – Gator Guy –  281-703-5890 or gatorchristopher@gmail.com    
Residents need to keep their distance and alert Chris of sightings with pictures and details.

New Neighborhood Sign   
A new neighborhood sign is being built and should be completed in approximately 2 months!

The Kline House   The Kline House by the park has been sold.  It will become an assisted living home with 16 residents. 

New Facebook Page!
Be sure to "like us" and check out our facebook page - Ravensway Lakes HOA

HOA Dues
Homeowner Association Dues are due January 1st and no later than January 31st. Late fees and interest charges are applicable if received late. Please contact us for payment information and account balances.

Playground Updates
1/3/14 - A new mulch landing for the swings was installed over the Holidays!

Little by little
10/14/13 - The Park is getting bits and pieces. Some are wondering why there is a storage building on the lot now. Your board members have been housing supplies that belong to the neighborhood for tent parties, ect... in their own garages. This storage shed gets all of that out of their personal homes and makes it easily accessible during an event. Please help us keep an eye on it and remind the kids to stay away from it. There are water spouts, which we used during the 4th of July event for water slides and eventually to help water the lot. The park also now has lovely new benches for everyone to enjoy while watching the kids play or just taking a rest. We would love to have your input on future updates at our meetings. Please feel free to join us.

See you later Gator 
11/20/13 - This gator was taken from our neighborhood pond. Residents said they are happy to see this one go. Last month this alligator was removed with the help of professional animal control. Experts say May is a busy month for gators as the males move from pond to pond looking for mates. This one seems to be a baby and may have traveled through the sewer lines to reach Ravensway Lake. Please keep an eye out, warn kids who fish in the pond to tell an adult and not mess with them.

...and we have Swings! 
7/30/13 - These new swings were placed leaving room for other improvements planned for the open spaces on the park lots. Future improvements may include an entry neighborhood sign, benches, other playground equipment, and a small picnic pavilion. Join us at the HOA meetings and take part in beautifying your neighborhood.

New signs donated
Thank you to residents for donating two new park signs to Ravensway Lake.  If you would like to make a donation such as these, please be sure to run them by the HOA first, before purchasing or applying them to community lots for approval. Dog waste doesn't biodegrade like wild animal waste. It can contain harmful bacteria, pollute groundwater,and smells disgusting on the bottom of a shoe. Please help keep parks, trails and neighborhoods free of poop piles by picking up your dog’s waste.

A NEW PARK for Ravensway Lake!
Due to the recent purchase of four lots along Raven Roost, the HOA Board of Directors would like to develop this area into a multi-purpose area & playground area.  The Board would like to form a Park Committee.  This Committee would meet with the Board to discuss ideas and proposals.  If you are interested, please contact SCS Management at 
(281) 463-1777 . 

Did you notice?..... 
Your HOA has placed new lamp post at the two entry bridges to the walking path. These lamps are solar and are no cost monthly to our neighborhood. Please help us keep them from being abused so that we can continue to beautify our community.

If you have little ones who like to walk off the pathway, there are pole inserts in the ground that they may trip over. Some of these metal inserts stick out further than others. They are spray painted orange so that our lawn care service can see them. There are about 8 on both sides of the walkway so try to stay on the walkway if you would like to save your toes from getting an unfriendly reminder we have flag poles that go there.

New Pathways
New connecting pathways have been built for your convenience & flag poles have been placed around the lake to honor our National Holidays.

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